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Our Mission

Zivatar is a mobile application company that is focused on providing a product that you can use everyday that will make your lives a little better and possibly safer. We are also dedicated to supporting non-profit organizations in their fight against cancer.

Founded by Garrett and Craig Patrick, Zivatar was born out of a need to keep families and friends safer and better connected. We are also focused on supporting non profit organizations that are active in cancer research and patient advocacy worldwide.

our mission


Navigate, Communicate,
Have Fun and Stay Safe.

Instant Navigation

Instant Navigation - You can instantly send a Navigation Pin of your current location or any location to individual contacts or GROUPS along with a message. When your friend or group receives the Nav Pin, they read your message, click the Pin and are instantly linked to Google Maps to easily navigate to that location.

Zivatar Messenger

Zivatar Messenger - A cross-platform mobile messaging app that allows you to exchange messages to individuals or GROUPS without SMS charges worldwide.

Zivatar Zaps

Zivatar Zaps are fun and fast for on-the-move conversations. Swipe left on your screen, take a photo or a video, and send it to a friend or a GROUP. They'll view it and afterwards ZAP, it's gone!

Zivatar Low Battery Alerts

Zivatar Low Battery Alerts - Your friends and family can now reach out to you from their phones and let you know when their battery is getting low.

Zivatar Dead Battery Alerts

Zivatar Dead Battery Alerts - With our dead battery Nav Pin, your phone sends a Navigation Pin of your location to friends or family that you select when your phone's battery has died. Find your phone, find friends or family, and take care of each other.

Zivatar FAQs

Zaps are deleted immediately on being viewed or after 1 day, whichever is earlier. Navigation Pins, Dead Battery Alerts and Low Battery Alerts are deleted after 14 days. Messages expire after 14 days, irrespective of whether or not they have been delivered. They will, however, be stored on the XMPP server always.

Swipe left on any screen except for maps, choose either Photo or Video. For a picture, take the shot and then choose the Use Photo option. You can now enter text and draw on the image with your finger. Then, click the check button on the bottom right. After that, choose individuals or groups to send your Zap to. For videos, follow the same steps; simply choose videos instead of pictures.

Go to the Contacts screen and choose the friend you would like to send a low or dead battery alert to. The Send/Receive Alerts screen will appear. Here, you can use the slide bars to decide at what level you would like to send low battery alerts to your friend. You can also choose a message and image to send to him/her when he/she gets the alert!

Then, near the bottom of the screen, choose to send the Dead battery alert or not. If you choose to send a Dead battery alert, your phone will send that person an alert with your GPS location and directions to that location as well as battery level when your phone reaches 15%, 10% and 5%.

Click on the Settings icon on the bottom right of the feed screen. On this screen, you can change your own personal battery settings. Or, click on the square with a pencil icon/button on the top left of the screen. You can now click on and change any of your personal information, including your photo.

From the feed screen, click on the compass on the bottom left. Click on the green Nav Pin to display your current GPS location, click on the blue arrow, enter your message to your friends, click the Send button and follow the prompts to choose individuals or groups to send your Navigation Pin to. Up to 500 individuals can be selected.

Like all navigation systems, Zivatar uses GPS and though usually GPS is very accurate, it could show you up to 100 feet from your actual location. Refresh your app to get the exact location.
Go to Contacts, click on the corresponding delete icon to delete him/her from your Contacts list.
Up to a maximum of 15 seconds for a Zap video. Videos of shorter durations will end when the video completes.
Both videos and pictures delete after 10 seconds.
We are always looking for ways to improve Zivatar to make it the best possible experience for you.

From the main feed screen, click on the person on the bottom right. Click on the Groups button on the top right. Click on the + button just below the Groups button. Enter your group's name in the Create Group box and click on Create.

Choose your group's picture by clicking on the image button on top and following the prompts.

Then, choose group members from your Contacts listed below, up to 500 members.

From the main feed screen, click on the person on the bottom right. You can then search Zivatar for your friends to add. Once you have found them, click on the person button on the right of the screen with the + to send him/her an invitation to be your friend.

Yes, click and hold the Nav Pin and move it to anywhere in the world!